Jonathan Hwang

Sales Executive

Jonathan Hwang is a passionate, professional real estate agent with extensive knowledge and proven track record in property sales. He previously worked for both local and state government bodies, which enriched him with local real estate knowledge as well as connections with the community.

Amongst his achievements in the real estate industry was his proven success in selling ‘off the plan’ properties when working for a property investment company in Queensland.

Jonathan also comes with extensive experience in marketing and sales, and when paired with his extensive network, has brought him success in securing investors for various projects.

Jonathan strives to deliver personalised services to his clients and treats them with dignity, respect and compassion. For this reason, his clients would come back to him, time after time, for their real estate needs.

Jonathan always puts people first. He is the person who can make your real estate dreams come true, whether it is buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Jonathan is truly a person you can trust and work with.

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